Learning is not transactional

Move beyond intermittent training programs, engage with a learning journey. Participant Connect, where Training is about learning and implementing concepts

Make A Learning Commitment With Your Participants

Participants Connect helps you build engagement with participants. Start by sharing the program design and pre-program readings with your participants. Conduct assessments to your participants' knowledge and tailor your programs. Stay invested in your participants' learning through post-program readings and assignments.​ Gather actionable feedback to improve your training performance.

Improve Content Retention

You can upload relevant case studies, articles, and links to online videos that will help participants with your program.

Manage Program Cadence

Start and instantaneously present the results of a survey during the session to keep the program in tune with the pulse of the class.

Receive Actionable Feedback

What went right and what could be improved? What do participants think of the content design, delivery and pace of your program?

Make A Learning Commitment To Yourself

Participants Connect helps you internalize learning, and make significant meaningful behavioral changes. For each of your modules and programs, your trainers will shared material, assess progress and assign projects. Stay focused on learning, your journey starts much before the program and continues post through material and projects. Stay in contact with your trainers through messaging and chat options.

Improve Content Retention

You will have access to relevant material, case studies, articles, and links to online videos shared by your trainers over a course of time.

Communicate With The Trainer

Share concerns, queries and observations with your Trainer at all times.

Make Training Notes

Make extensive notes about the program so that you can capture important points, summarize your learning. Maintain a diary of your learning.

Build A Culture That Commits To Learning

Give your employees an opportunity to revisit concepts when they need it on their job.Keep high-potential employees engaged through their Leadership Development Program.Drive Long Term Change Management initiatives by keeping stakeholders engaged.

Monitor Learning Outcomes

Develop detailed analysis of how training programs are helping your employees enhance their knowledge and skills.

Manage Succession Planning

Measure the effectiveness of your Leadership Development Programs on your high-potentials and make course corrections if necessary.

Defend Your Training Budget

Justify your training spend on the basis of improved learning outcomes and increased employee effectiveness on their jobs.

List Of Features


Access to material across multiple formats.


Measure learning using easy to use templates.


Undertake projects, share feedback, conclude with agreed benefits.

User Interface

Simple and intuitive.

Advanced Options

Web-training platforms, pop-up quizzes included.


Track pre-ongoing and post training activities with ease.

About Us –

UniTol, short for Unique and Total Training Solutions, has been created with the vision to become the most preferred global end-to-end training solutions partner.

UniTol is the go-to company for corporate entities and individuals looking for training process management and/or facilitation services. The company has leveraged on the vast experience of its core team in the area of organizational training, business consulting and travel industry.

The founding team members have, over years of multi-disciplinary experience as training providers and in management of the training function and process, identified the need for a complete solution that ties together all the elements that comprise of and complete a training process. This finding, along with a long standing desire to come up with unique solutions and create true intellectual capital, propelled the team to create UniTol.